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Boiling water taps are becoming increasing popular due to the benefits that accrue to using them. However, it is not surprising that some homeowners still wonder why a kitchen needs a boiling water tap instead of hot water kettles.

Below are some of the reasons you should have a boiling water tap in your kitchen.

It Saves Time

This is one of the major benefits of having a boiling water tap in your kitchen. Boiling water taps save you the time that you could have spent waiting for the whistle or click of the kettle. Therefore, it is not surprising that boiling water taps are becoming increasingly popular in homes and offices. This is so as it also helps to alleviate queues and congestion in and around kitchens in offices.

It is Hygienic

Boiling water taps are hygienic and help the homeowner to maintain hygiene in the kitchen. This is so as it allows for the quick and easy cleaning and sterilization of spoons and utensils. Some kitchen taps even offer filters that help to remove chlorine taste, reduce odour, and eliminate sediments and harmful minerals and chemical present in the water.

It Saves Money

Unlike traditional kettles, boiling water taps are timesavers and help to save money on energy bills. While traditional kettles might be cheaper, they cost more to use and are not energy efficient. On the other hand, boiling water taps are more energy efficient, especially as the water is stored in heavily insulated tanks.

Safer than Kettles

The majority of accidents at home and even in the office happen in the kitchen. These accidents are not just from falls and slips, but are also caused by homeowners spilling boiling water or knocking over kettles.

With boiling water tap providing instant hot water that is delivered via a controlled stream, the risk of such accidents or error happening is significantly reduced. Less time spent in the kitchen would ordinarily mean fewer accidents.

If the tap will be used in the kitchen, it is advised that a warning sign is placed in a conspicuous location that is close to the tap. This is to ensure that users are aware that the water is boiling.

Stylish, streamlined and reduce clutter

In addition to increasing the efficiency of using the kitchen, boiling water taps also help to reduce the clutter in kitchens, as kettles are no longer required, leading to the disappearance of power cables. This will also help to reduce the amount of cleaning needed to keep the kitchen tidy.