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If you are one of the people that are fed up of waking up in the morning and standing in the kitchen waiting for the kettle to boil the water to make a cup of hot tea, then a hot water boiling tap is what you probably need. Your kitchen is definitely incomplete if you do not have a boiling water tap. Therefore, if you are considering having a kitchen remodelling job in your home, it is advised that you include a boiling water tap in the list of items to purchase and include.

The benefits of having a boiling water tap cannot be overemphasized. With this tap, you do not have to spend minutes waiting for hot water as you try to prepare your tea. This is so as it provides you with instant hot water at the turn of a handle. Simply put, it gives you the fastest and most convenient hot water kettle in the universe.

Unlike an average kettle that takes about 3 minutes to boil, working out at 18 hours yearly waiting to get hot water, the hot water boiling tap provides you with boiling water at the turn of the handle. The calculation done above is assuming that you use the kettle once a day, which is almost impossible. This illustrates the number of hours that could have been used in more productive ventures, wasted on boiling water. Therefore, hot water boiling tap is not just a provider of hot water, but also a time-saver for kitchen users.

The major reservation most homeowners have before making the decision to install a hot water boiling tap is the safety concerns, especially as it relates to their children. While this is a valid concern, it is worth noting that manufacturers of these taps have also considered this in making their taps. Consequently, most boiling taps now come with a safety switch that allows the tap to be activated and deactivated as necessary. Hence, the taps can only be activated by persons that intend using hot water. Another safety measure put in place by manufacturers is to ensure that the water comes out at a reduced flow, ensuring that the water does not splash.

In addition to helping homeowners and other such kitchen users save time, hot water boiling taps also help to save a lot of money on energy bills. The tap ensures that homeowners do not have to bother about paying to boil a kettle of water just to prepare a cup of tea.

It gets even better with modern boiling water taps as they now allow homeowners to use all three functions from one tap. Therefore, homeowners do not have to buy a 'normal' kitchen tap for their standard hot and cold water.

A hot water boiling tap provides instant boiling water to kitchen users. However, the benefits that come with having one installed in the kitchen goes beyond getting boiling water at the turn of a handle.


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